It was necessary for ambiance and the three Cs…

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I owned a coffeehouse, in an area we playfully called “The Yale Grad School Ghetto.” A beautiful neighborhood, on the rim of Yale’s campus. It was a coffeehouse in the tradition of coffeehouses where people came in to drink great coffee but also sit and passionately discuss local and global issues, art, and politics. The very thing that drew people to coffeehouses throughout the centuries. I have always loved them.

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Hello, I’m Lulu deCarron, entrepreneur, artist, storyteller, writer, maverick, loving mother and grandmother, an empath, and a coffee lover.

Here is Daisy, my darling girl I rescued in 2015. Joy and madness.

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My recent Italian breakfast sparked some warm and wonderful memories

Making this breakfast reminded me of my love of breakfasts growing up, being Italian and Nonna’s house

  • Sliced Italian bread, hot from the oven
  • Sweet butter and preserves
  • Strong, fresh roasted coffee

Growing up in an Italian family, food was the focal point of our day. My father owned a small breakfast and lunch restaurant not far from our house. The short distance allowed him to have breakfast with his children several times a week. Once his prep was completed for lunch, he’d stop at the bakery on his way home to pick up several loaves of fresh bread hot…

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Have negatively affected my writing. Let me explain

In 2018 I decided to begin writing. I was terrified to put my writing out in the world. But, it was time. I knew it; I felt it.

There was a story I felt passionate about, so the writing flowed. I was enjoying every moment. I’d never heard about Medium. I found the platform by accident, but it appeared they welcomed new writers.

I put my article through Grammarly, gave it a re-read, and with trepidation hit publish. But, before I hit publish, my hand shook, my stomach gurgled, it took hours before I sent it in to the cyber…

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I am an entrepreneur. You should read this

The Traits of Entrepreneurs

  • Curiosity. Successful entrepreneurs have a sense of curiosity that allows them to seek new opportunities continuously.
  • Leadership
  • Structured Experimentation.
  • Adaptability
  • Decisiveness
  • Risk Tolerance.
  • Comfortable with Failure.
  • Persistence
  • Impatience
  • Motivation. Hard-working business owners are incredibly motivated to succeed
  • Creativity
  • Persuasiveness
  • Visionary
  • Risk tolerance
  • Flexibility

I’ve been an entrepreneur all my life, yes, even at seven. Our neighbor called my mother one day and lamented, “Lynn, you need to talk to Louise; she keeps trying to teach the other children how to play.”

Looking back, I see most of the above traits in my personality, and how boredom…

Original Painting,, Elaine Benevides

Why do they make me feel unsettled?

I see them everywhere. BLM signs in frames on lawns, in windows, stickers on cars and written on tees. I agree with this message, but every time, as I walk past a sign, my heart feels heavy, but I didn’t know why. Then a few days ago it hit me.

Shouldn’t Black Lives have always mattered?

Why do black Americans have to continue lobbying for what is rightfully theirs by birth? This injustice has haunted me since I was a girl.

On July 2, 1964, U.S. President Lyndon B. Johnson signed into law…

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ANNIE, Not now!!

My first memory of Annie is of her standing in the doorway of the shop. Her outfit looked as if she’d dressed out of a dumpster. Her sneakers were two sizes too large and covered with food; I hope it was food. She sported a shirt of Hawaiian flowers in hues of orange, yellow, and purple that flowed over sweatpants, which at one time were white. Her hair was wild, blackish, now with shots of gray taking over.

I smiled and asked her name. She looked down at her shoes self-consciously and said Annie, then looking up…

My Bar, My Coffee Bar

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My friend Margaret called to ask if I would be at the shop until 3:00. “I’m teaching a creative writing class, she said; I’d like to introduce you to my guest speaker.”

“Who is this speaker, I asked?”

“You’ll see, was her reply with a little background laugh.” Margaret is a creative writing professor at Yale, a gifted teacher, and artist, so I was intrigued.

The coffeehouse was bustling that day, and all the daily specials were gone by two that afternoon. As a result I had very little to offer Margaret and her guest. So I decided on something…

Thanks for writing this Ryan. I've been trying to decide how to store the tons of information I need for a TV Dramedy series I'm writing. This is a perfect solution. I write with a pen on paper then transcribe the bits I need to my computer.

I can also bring cards with me to jot down thoughts, quotes, and things that delight or inform when I'm away from home.

Love the tactile-ness of this system. It allows me to physically write, which I love, and store... to use as needed. I also use a Moleskine Cashier notebook for art-related notes. *Love the Ivory paper and sewn binding...


When you're single, friends will give you advice on likely places to meet someone single and interesting.

Some examples are the library, a museum, a bookstore, and walking a dog in the park... but I've found most single men are paired. Very few are alone.

So, I've decided to hang-out outside prisons and wait for politicians, white-collar executives, and wayward movie stars to get out on parole.

Lulu deCarron

Entrepreneur, Storyteller, Writer, Coffee❤️, 🐾❤️, Writing a dramedy for TV.

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